Rocking Bergen County since 1967

Looking for The Trybe women's social club in The Woodlands, Texas? It's over here.
The Trybe's first original hit, Smash Smash Smash (c)1967, 2003 Kelly Scharf Railton. WARNING: WRITTEN BY 7TH GRADERS!

Nothin's as cold as her heart. The Trybe's country lament, Cold Pizza Flat Beer (c)1983, 2003 Kelly Berg. And here's the original demo from the 80's!

The Three Mile Island nuclear power plant had an incident in the spring of 1979. We were on it! A little rocker titled Meltdown Man (c)1979 Kelly Jodry Berg.

The Trybe's Hallowe'en classic, Night of the Living Dead (c)1979, 2003 Kelly and lovingly remastered in 2022. Yes, it's about the movie.

1984 (c)1984 Kelly Cassar Willis Jodry. We called ourselves Nora Nora Nora, dive-bombing our way into your heart.

She Digs Cars (c)1979 Kelly. Drummer Erich Berg digitized a cassette copy so it's a little bit noisy. But the band rocked!

Want You Bad (c)1978 Kelly. This is all me. I wrote it for a girl named Francine who I had a crush on.

What Happened To You (c)1980 Kelly. All me again, long back story but it's about my 5th grade girlfriend.

Waltz, an instrumental in 3/4 time (that's what makes it a waltz), (c)1983 Kelly. I fooled around with this for a number of years on guitar before deciding to orchestrate and record it in the mid 1980s.

Goldfield (c)1981 Kelly Berg. The 19th century gold rush, to the town of Goldfield, Nevada. Get on the train, the boys will meet you there!

Bruce's Song (c)1982 Kelly Berg. Bruce left his home in Bergen County NJ to join Captain Dirk as ship's mate. This is his tale, at least as we imagined it.

He Doesn't Do Anything For Me (c)1984 Kelly Cassar. A snarky pop confection, clocking in at 1:50 of pure fun. That's Jen on lead vocal.

Bloody Nose (c)1984 Jodry. Wherein we prove that a song can be written and recorded in under an hour if you cut enough corners. This is from the Spinal Tap era, it's about playing so loud you get a nosebleed.

You (c)1985 Kelly. A song about obsession, not as light-hearted as the Kelly - Berg collaborations.

Words To Live By (c)1983 Kelly, The words being New Years' Resolutions. It opens and ends with a backwards guitar. And there's a party!

The Trybe on YouTube, rehearsing Michael's Mall Shopping (c)1980 Jodry.

Did you know that The Trybe was the first band on stage at GBA Night?

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